Human Resources Consulting
for Small-Mid Size Businesses,
Non-profits, and Faith Communities

Tenadel helps with employee relations, policy and documentation, and HR risk management in many forms. We look at your Human Resources practices and help you ensure a strong foundation so you can focus on all the things that give you and your people your professional purpose.

Contract Fullfilled: Thirty-seven new and revised job descriptions, updated and validated compensation structure, and new performance evaluation format including aligned core values and competencies, for a Boston area credit union! And a new contract for retained services with the organization.

About Tenadel

Tenadel was formed to provide Human Resources expertise to organizations whose size or mission preclude them from having a full HR team, or whose founders, principals, and leaders are trying to cover HR basics while they pursue their own core work.

We know that service delivery to you and your people is critical to your organization’s health, resilience, and sustainability. It’s also a moral imperative, so let us cover the HR basics and beyond, and empower your people.

Founding Principal, Eric Heath, worked twenty-three years in corporate human resources, providing scaled strategy and services to a workforce that grew from 120 to 555 employees. As a member of senior management he led HR through three economic cycles, the transition from mutual to stock ownership, complete senior executive turnover, and the COVID-19 Pandemic. He automated processes, shaped a diversity recruiting strategy, launched market leading benefit programs, maintained an audit-ready HR posture, and championed the empowerment of part-time greeters and long-term board members alike.

Practice Areas

Policy & Documentation

Communications and communication plans

On-boarding practices

Career-tracking & Succession Planning

Retention-, exit-, and post-exit interviews

Rewards plans

Benefits plans utilization review

Engagement survey planning

Policy & Documentation

Employee handbooks: drafting, revision, and updating.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Policies

Ethics & Conflict of Interest

Job descriptions

Pay structures

Performance and improvements plans

Succession planning

Policy & Documentation

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) compliance review (non-audit)

State & Federal HR compliance review (non-audit)

Sexual Harassment Prevention training at all levels

DCP – 401(k), 403(b) Plan Document & practices review (non-audit)

Recruitment practices review

Policy infraction investigation


Hourly Consultation

Need an answer to a quick question, review of a new job description, advice on an interview or an investigation, or want to rehearse a difficult conversation? Hourly services are here for you. Call, text, email, or video; all at a prorated hourly rate.

Projects & Training

The building of pay structures, retirement plan participation inititatives, sexual harassment prevention training, handbook development; there are many projects we can do together to serve your people and to mitigate HR risks. Let’s talk about your needs.

Retained Services

Having Tenadel on call for frequent needs can support your organization in times of growth and transition, bolster developing HR expertise, or supply a short- or long-term bridge until you have an in-house HR team. Fixed monthly payments in six month and yearly packages.


Eric Heath is an attentive, gracious, and highly informed HR consultant. When our cultural non-profit organization had some tough decisions to make and needed guidance on sensitive matters, Eric provided it clearly, with great professionalism, and in confidence, helping us know our options. I recommend him most highly.

R. Johnson


Cultural Non-profit

Eric was of great help to me as I navigated the closure of a division of a large nonprofit .

There was little question of what needed to be done; it was the “how” that I was worried about. Eric provided expertise in creating termination offers, taught me the pros and cons of offering furloughs, outlined an effective strategy for communicating the closure to employees and community partners, and ensured all of my actions met legal requirements.  Eric made himself available when I needed him, and I recommend him without reservation.

Jeff H.

Executive Director

Human Services Non-profit

Eric’s calm, measured approach was such a help to us when thinking through how to approach a challenging employee. He laid out a clear plan for meeting with the employee, which proved to be successful and productive.

Nicole S.

Executive Director

Human Services Organization

We understand your organization is focused on its core mission, and delivering for your customers, clients, and members.  We know you’re handling Human Resources in good faith and with best efforts, but HR is not your organization’s mission.  It is Tenadel’s mission.

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